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The Brocéliande Forest (also known as the Forest of Misadventures) is a massive, ancient forest located on the magickal island of Avalon, near the Pendragon Institute. The forest is known to be dense and unmarked by trails. Merlin's tomb is located within the forest.

The forest is strictly off-limits to the students of the institute, with the exception of the rare excursion into its dark depths for Zoology class. The forest is nearly impassible, and especially hard to navigate at night. The ground is covered with underbrush such as knotgrass and various types of thorns, as well as tree stumps and roots that are barely visible. Clothes are known to snag on the low-slung branches and brambles.

The forest is home to an unusually wide and strange assortment of faeries. A court of Elves is also known to take up residence within the forest.


Both Merlin and Morgen le Fay, famous witches associated with the ancient King Arthur Pendragon, visited the Brocéliande on several occasions. Merlin was said to enjoy the forest so much that he refused to be buried in Avalon Cemetery with his friends, and was instead enshrined in a tomb deep within the forest.

Over the centuries, several people have disappeared in the forest, including students from the Pendragon Institute.

Important locations[]

  • Dolorous Tower
  • Merlin's tomb
  • Morgen le Fay's Chapel
  • Vale of No Return


The etymology is uncertain. The oldest known form, "Brecheliant", could be based on the Celtic "Brec'h", meaning "hill", followed by a man's name. A popular etymology breaks it down into "broce" for "forest" and "liande" for "heath".